As we prepare for another Christmas during this pandemic we want to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who helps us throughout the year.

  • Firstly thanks to the staff who come to work day in and out without certainty of what drama awaits them.  Working in healthcare has never been the easiest profession and the past 22 months have tested the mettle of every dedicated healthcare worker.  Thanks for your unending kindness, patience, loyalty, and hard work.
  • Thanks to our residents who make coming to work enjoyable most days and put a smile on our face with their utter loveliness.
  • Thanks to the families of our residents who have been patient, understanding, and supportive over what has been a turbulent 2021.  Your understanding has made our job during very difficult times a lot more manageable.
  • Thanks to our GPs and specialist outpatient services who provide the residents with the care they need.
  • Thanks to our suppliers, delivery persons, external consultants, and all who keep us supplied, informed, and stocked and answer our many calls for assistance.
  • Thanks to our local priests Father Johnson and Father Doherty for their continuous support.

Here are some recent Christmas photos for you to enjoy.